Craft Canning was started in June of 2012 by Owen Lingley. Having two and a half years experience working for a yeast laboratory and five years in the packaging industry before that, he identified an opportunity for a service and QC focused mobile packaging company. In 2013 Craft Canning expanded with the addition of a second mobile line providing 22oz bottles.


In addition to his brewery and packaging experience, Owen spent two years in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, and ran a contracting business for four years to pay for an economics degree from the University of Denver. Nick Greiner and Grant Smith round out the team. If you need more info than this let's meet for a beer.


Craft Canning + Bottling will bring a fully automatic Wild Goose MC-250 canning line, depalletization equipment, and QC equipment into your brewery. Craft Canning provides seam inspection reports, O2 level measurement, and ATP steriity testing.

If you arent ready to make the jump into cans, Craft Canning + Bottling can package pre-labeled 22oz bombers with the brewery only needing to provide a single employee. Coupled with off site warehousing of consumables, we can leave 30 barrels worth of packaged product the first day and up to 40 bbls each additional day.


Owen Lingley

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